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The newest nursing school in Tanzania was opened officially on the 7th of March 2014 at a ceremony held at the school grounds.  The new school was inaugurated and blessed by the Acting Head of the North Central Diocese, the Rev. Solomon Massangwa.

The opening of this school has long been a dream of the leadership of the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre.  Prof Mark Jacobson, the ALMC Executive Director shared the history of the development of the school through various regulatory bodies.  He shared how Tanzania suffers from a 50% shortage of nursing staff which leads to poorer medical care and poorer health outcomes overall.  The goal of starting a new school is to help overcome this great deficit and to recruit local students into nursing and into serving in our hospitals.

Ms. Lilian Shuma Principal shared the vision and the mission of the school to be preparing nurses to be servants who apply their skills and knowledge to improve the lives of others.  The Acting Head, Rev. Massangwa blessed the new students and encouraged them to prepare themselves for nursing by growing both in intellectual knowledge and spiritual holiness. 

The newly admitted students were the center of the celebration and they eagerly showed their guests around the newly developed site on the TPRI campus north of Arusha.  The Acting Head shared the Diocese’s commitment to the new school by promising that the Diocese was making available to the school sufficient land to build a permanent nursing campus.  Prof Jacobson closed the formal celebrations with a word to the nurses, “Nursing must never be just a job, but is always, always a calling from God!”

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