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Plaster House is a short and intermediate term rehabilitation facility for children following orthopedic and plastic surgery. Selian Lutheran Council Designated Hospital and Arusha Lutheran Medical Center along with many volunteers and support programs provide corrective surgery for skeletal deformities (fluorosis, club foot), various facial and airway problems (cleft palate, cleft lip), and other abnormalities (burn scars, injuries). Many children need specialized post-operative care that is not available in their rural villages. Some require more than one operation followed by post-operative physical therapy and rehabilitation.

As the size of the programs increased, the need to care for the children outside of the hospital setting, but in a facility with surgical and medical care, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and a school for long-term children became ever more apparent. Thus the idea of Plaster House was born. Plaster House with a capacity of 100 children was completed in 2013. It includes dormitory-style bunk-rooms with house-mothers looking after the children.  There is an outpatient clinic staffed by a nurse and pediatrician for sick children, dressing changes and minor procedures. The kitchen provides nutritious meals for all. The school with a Montessori-trained Tanzanian teacher and many volunteers meets the educational needs of children who need long-term care.

Staff includes a house mother for each dormitory, cooks, occupational and physical therapists, a nurse, teachers and many volunteers.

Plaster House has a capacity of up to 120 children. Below are several photos showing construction of the facility from 2012-2014. More photos, information and news are at the links below.


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